Jan-Maree Stewart Diploma of Dru Yoga

The Pearce Centre has been a place for yoga for over 30 years.  In 2006 Jan-Maree commenced teaching Dru yoga at the centre.  Jan-Maree had a desire from a young age to try yoga but it was not until she was in her late 20’s that she finally got an opportunity to attend her first yoga class.  She was in awe of how the practise of yoga could relax her physical body to a layer she had never experienced before.  To this day a yoga relaxation practise is her favourite and she acknowledges it for its ability to help her keep pace with her young family and the 21st century.

Jan-Maree’s passion for teaching yoga, specifically the Dru style of yoga, is in its ability to allow people to ‘come together’ to practise a way of being that heals and nurtures humans profoundly and has been passed down through the ages.   This ‘coming together’ has allowed a community of like-minded people to find a place each week at the Canberra Yoga Centre where they can extend their physical bodies, still their minds and return to their nature calm centre of being.

Jan-Maree’s favourite quote is:

 “There is more to life than increasing its speed” - Gandhi

Practising yoga reminds her to avoid the fast lane in life and she feels honoured to share yoga with others.

Jan-Maree is privileged to be supported by a talented and experienced team of Dru yoga teachers in Monte; Joanna; Kate and Robert.  Together they all spread ripples of peace and contentment throughout the Canberra community and beyond through their weekly yoga classes.  As many of their yoga students say “each teacher at the Canberra yoga centre is special and unique”.